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Why M-GAS?

At M-GAS, we value discipline, excellence, and a shared value of providing our customers with the best products in the Philippines. We are looking for passionate individuals to can contribute greatly to our business objectives and value the quality we put into our work. Being the pioneer in the LPG industry, our goal is to continue to innovate to become the industry leader through quality products and exceptional customer service.


Sales Coordinator

M-Gas is looking for an experienced sales coordinator to provide support on sustainable sales operations. The successful applicant will properly monitor the franchisees and information for sales-related materials, consistently manage schedules for accuracy and timeliness, and properly store financial data for transparency reports.

Marketing Coordinator

M-Gas is looking for an experienced marketing coordinator to provide assistance in developing and implementing campaigns to increase sales and acquire clients. The successful applicant will conduct research on consumers’ behavior by producing and tracking promotional materials and properly analyze feedback for continuous improvement of the products.

Operations Manager

M-Gas is looking for an experienced operations manager to provide control and full supervision for the production process. The successful applicant will oversee the entire company operations and will take full responsibility for managing the system flow for continuous development of the products.

OIC for franchisees

M-Gas is looking for an experienced officer-in-charge for franchisees that will be assigned to one of our franchises to assure quality, customer satisfaction, and loyalty to our products. The successful applicant will be the main contact for product briefing and franchising and will be responsible for the observance of terms, conditions, and policies to achieve sales targets.

Delivery Helper

M-Gas is looking for a delivery helper to assist in the coordination and distribution of products. The successful applicant will be responsible for safely delivering products to the customers’ locations and will be in-charge for collecting payments and giving receipts.

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About M-GAS

M-GAS is the most affordable and reliable LPG available in the market. The company aims to provide entrepreneurs with sustainable business through franchising.