Trusted Partner Since 1915

As a major LPG player in the industry for 37 years, M-GAS has become a staple among households and other establishments across the country.

About M-GAS

M-GAS is the most trusted and affordable LPG brand available to every Filipino home throughout the country.

When it decided to auction the rights of M-GAS, Carlito and Cesar P. Monastrial, co-founders and owners of Island Air Products Corporation (IAPC), acquired the rights to the M-GAS brand with the vision to better the management and product distribution of the product.

IAPC’s vision for M-GAS is to become the most trusted and affordable LPG brand available in the market while making it present to every Filipino home throughout the country.
It also aims to provide Filipino entrepreneurs with sustainable businesses by offering franchising packages that will help create profitable business.

By reenergizing M-GAS, IAPC helps to eliminate counterfeits that distribute low-quality LPGs using M-GAS as an unofficial name. Every Filipino household deserves a safe and accurate LPG – IAPC aims to achieve that by using its renowned reputation to push the galvanizing return of M-GAS in today’s thriving market.

“M-GAS is the most affordable and reliable LPG available in the market. We aim to provide entrepreneurs with sustainable business through franchising.”

Ellen Brillantes, CEO Of M-GAS

Our Vision

To be the preferred provider and trusted business partner for petroleum and gas solutions nationwide.

Our Mission


Customers with high-quality and affordable LPG products delivered with excellent service to ensure safety and optimal gas function; and


Partners with revenue-generating business opportunities integrated with strong business support to ensure profitability and business continuity.

Our Core Values

Excellence and Commitment

  • Provide high-quality products and services to our partners and customers
  • Work efficiently and deliver our products in a timely manner
  • Always find solutions to problems in the most effective way
  • Support clients and partners and provide the best customer service

Integrity and Reliability

  • Consistently operate in an ethical manner grounded on honesty
    and virtue
  • Open to customers and partners with information directly affecting them
  • Value morals above opportunity in all facets of the business
  • Accommodate concerns and requests of clients and partners to ensure a positive relationship during the entire business transaction
  • Ensure that all concerns are addressed in the fastest and most efficient way possible

Quality and Innovation

  • Constantly innovate and introduce new methods in providing and servicing LPG to partners and customers
  • Provide only high-quality LPG tanks; ensure quality assurance always
  • Provide efficient solutions to related problems